Earthquake Preparedness Tips

There is no way you can know ahead of time when an earthquake will occur. After an earthquake takes place, your house might turn into a serious hazard unless you take the necessary steps for getting it prepared right now - electric lines, broken utility...

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What Is Preparedness?

A famous tale from Aesop's Fables relates the story of the grasshopper and the ant. It is summertime and the ant is working hard collecting and storing supplies. The grasshopper on the other hand is enjoying the hot days and playing and asks the ant to...

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Buy MRE Meals to Prepare for Tornado Season

Are you ready for tornado season? Tornadoes are becoming more prevalent every year. There are many predictions on why there are more and more every year. Whatever the reason you should have the knowledge of when and where to seek shelter if you are caught in an...

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Emergency Food Rations for Zombie Breakout

Are you familiar with the popular TV show that is swarming homes around the world? The Walking Dead is a popular TV show, maybe it is becoming so popular because the zombie apocalypse is the real deal and could happen at any time. Because we know that an outbreak...

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MRE For Emergency Food Rations

If a disaster were to occur, would you be ready to protect your family and provide for them in unknowable circumstances? At EverSafe MREs you can find a way to feed your family in any emergency situation. All of our MREs have a shelf life of 36 months, we suggest that...

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Buy MRE Meals and Learn

Ever Safe MREs has been in business for more than 30 years supplying MREs for government and non-governmental organizations all around the world. We are currently, and hope to keep the title of the leading supplier to the entire U.S. Military. We are a Level 3...

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MRE means “Meal, Ready-to-Eat.” An MRE is a self contained , individual ration in a lightweight packing . All Eversafe MRE pouches contains normal food. It contain different types of main entrees in pouches. The food is pre-cooked, put into the pouch and the pouch is...

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Using MREs when there is an emergency? Indeed!!!

MREs are most commonly known as military food; in fact that was their primary purpose. As time passed, multiple other uses were found for these shelf stable meals ready to eat. One of the most important uses of MREs is as a preventative measure in case of natural...

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How to Eat an MRE

A MRE is truly a “Meal Ready to Eat”, although it tastes much better when heated with the supplied ration heater and powdered drinks are mixed with water. The contents—heated and cold—can be eaten out of the wrappers with the plastic utensils provided. Basic Steps...

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About Us is the best available store to purchase fresh and original EverSafe Ready to Eat Meal Kits (MRE type) manufactured by Wornick Foods. EverSafe is Shelf Stable, Self-Heating, Nutritious, and Portable

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