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Each Meal includes: 1-Entree, 1-Beverage, 1-Snack/Spread, 1-Dining Packet, 1-Flameless Heater, 1-Waterproof Outer, 1-Nutritional Insert.


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Our EverSafe MRE Pallet of 48 Cases will provide the necessary nutrients for 192 days for one person and can be eaten at any place, at any time.

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I do lots of hiking and trekking throughout the year, and my best companion is Eversafe, thank you for that – stay awesome

Orlando Silva

Hehe on all our camping trips we always carry some of them, mainly for the kids, they just simply loved Eversafe

Sayver Silva

The Benefits Of Civilian MREs
MRE stands for Meals Ready To Eat. These unique packages were first designed by the U.S. Military in order to provide meals for personnel while they are out in the field, in combat or training. MREs are also important for civilian use in the case of emergencies. The company known as Eversafe offers these MRE’s in a variety of choices for civilian use. These meals have been created in such a way that they meet the caloric and nutritional requirements of a person when accessibility to preparing a meal or food is not a possibility. These can include events such as mandatory evacuation, survival situations or during a hurricane or flood.
Individuals who use these Emergency Essentials MRE’s can rely on their taste, quality and nutrition. These Ready To Eat meals come packed in an easy-to-store and functional containers which are inclusive of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and different meats. These meals are not dehydrated or freeze-dried and then packaged into an easy way to use even when a crisis hits. All that is required before eating one of these meals is to add in hot water allow the meal to sit for around 10 minutes before eating. The convenient and compact size of these meals makes them very easy to store and make the ideal addition for emergency kits. These meals come with a long shelf life, which means you will always be prepared regardless of the situation.

These affordable MRE meals are also a fantastic choice for a number of outdoor recreational activities. They are easy to add into your hiking or camping gear and provide a convenient and easy way to prepare your meals. The selection on offer even includes desserts and seasonings.

Taking the necessary precautions to prepare for emergencies by including MRE’s into your emergency kit can really benefit you when you are faced with a disaster. By ensuring you have a supply of these MRE products you can increase your chances of survival when you are faced with unexpected emergencies. You have the choice of a single case that contains 12 meals or the 1 year supply that contains a number of combinations which include dinner entrees, lunch and breakfast. You can also take advantage of the bulk prices for high volume orders.

The History Behind Eversafe MRE
Wornick was one of the first companies to produce MREs for the purposes of providing meals for the U.S. military as well as the first to produce the civilian MRE. This company’s original brand was known as “Mil-Spec” which they discontinued production in 2001. Wornick went onto re-enter the market for civilian MRE’s in 2005 with their latest “Eversafe” brand of MRE’s. However, the direction Wornick in regards to Eversafe brand was very unclear. To begin with they first released Eversafes with an MRE-like pouch dedicated to the main-meal and only a couple of months later they then switched over to the “Heater-Meal” bowl design. A few months later they made a change again by offering bowl-based and pouch-based Eversafes.

However, Eversafes reemerged in the year 2008 with a brand new format. The new brand was made up of a combination of off-the-shelf commercial products along with military-type MRE components. This re-launch included 10 meals in a case compared to the 12 meals in case that all the competing brands offered. This latest production of these Eversafes were not directly available from Wornick but was rather sold through wholesale distribution where the product started to appear on eBay. Unfortunately, with 3 generations of the Eversafes available on the markets, it started to become confusing on how to classify these meals in regards to the bowl-based meals, pouch-based meals or the latest civilian “parts based” meals.

Finally in the year 2009, Wornick returned to the market with the civilian MREs with a redesign on the pouch-based Eversafe MRE that was in-line with other brands dedicated to civilian MREs. These latest MREs did away with off-the-shelf products and bowl-based meals and rather stuck with well-known and recognized military MRE components.

How To Avoid The Eversafe Confusion
With the 4th generation of the Eversafe MRE products on the market, here are a few rules that you may want to follow to ensure you are receiving the latest brand of the Eversafe MREs:

  • The date on the packaging must be from 2009 and onwards. Certain sellers name these the “2012” MREs, but this date is only the “Inspection Date”. The real date-code on these boxes will be a 4-digit code like “9117” or “09117”. The first digit or digits of these codes will be the year (2009) while the next 3 numbers are the day of this year. Any of the Eversafe products from the year 2008 or form an earlier date are not the latest Eversafes.
  • There will be 12 meals in a case. Any of the Eversafes with 10 meals in a case are older products and are the ones to be avoided.
  • Any of the online resellers may not sell the latest or real Eversafe MREs.
Why Should Civilians Buy MREs?
An MRE is a Meal Ready to Eat, they were developed for the United States military and remained a staple food source for decades. While their benefits in the military are very obvious, it’s their benefits for civilians may surprise you. Over the past few years, MREs have become exceedingly popular with civilians. Many companies have started manufacturing high-quality MREs designed specifically for the civilian population. They are often slightly different than their military counterpart. For example, the companies put more effort into improving the taste of the meals. The question that most people have is, “Why should I buy a civilian MRE?”. These replacement packages actually have numerous benefits and several potential uses. They aren’t just for hoarding until the apocalypse like some believes. Let’s look at a few of the reasons a person might buy a civilian MRE.

Use During Outdoor Recreation

One of the primary uses of MREs by the public is during outdoor recreation. This includes things like camping and hiking. It is extremely difficult to prepare a decent meal when you’re hiking through the woods or camping near a lake. You may plan to catch some fish and cook them over the fire, but what if that doesn’t work? The only other solution would be to leave the campsite and find a store. That doesn’t sound like a fun camping experience. It’s even more difficult to prepare a meal while hiking. You spend a lot of time walking, which means you are going to be exhausted and hungry. It’s unlikely you’ll be hiking with the equipment and ingredients needed to cook a full meal. Protein bars are great for a snack, but they aren’t exactly fulfilling or satisfying. In both of these outdoor scenarios, meal replacement packages are an ideal solution. They include everything you would expect from a full meal, but without any of the work. Each package is designed with a specific calorie count and nutritional goals. Unlike a granola or protein bar, which only contains a portion of the nutrition your body needs. Most meal replacements include an entree, side, dessert, and seasoning. There’s absolutely no additional preparation required. Remember, these were designed for active duty military who did not have access to utensils. If they were adequate for feeding soldiers behind enemy lines, then they are certainly capable of feeding people while camping or hiking.

Use For Emergency Food Supply

Meals ready to eat are also the perfect solution for emergency situations. Many civilians who buy these replacement packages keep a few stored in a safe place just in case an emergency takes place. For example, those who live in areas where hurricanes are known to strike would greatly benefit from a supply of MREs. No matter the disaster; whether natural or man-made, having a supply of meals ready to eat could be the difference between life and death. An MRE is fully capable of satisfying hunger as well as ensuring you meet your required daily intake of calories and nutrients. Most MREs are designed to last for up to five years. Resupplying every four years ensures that civilians are completely prepared for any disaster that might strike. If the rations do happen to remain in storage for more than four years, then it’s time to schedule a camping trip and bring some of the MREs along.

A Great Alternative To Dehydrated Meals

You may already be familiar with some of the alternative “disaster” meals. The two that are most common are dehydrated and freeze-dried meals. While those options certainly have some advantages, they have their flaws as well. They will certainly last longer than an MRE can. The average civilian MRE for sale is designed to last five years while dehydrated meals can last significantly longer. That’s about where their advantages end. The MRE sacrifices some of its shelf life for a better tasting and nutritious experience. The food is stored just as it is prepared. It is not frozen, dehydrated, or altered in any way. Its method of preservation allows the food to retain its natural flavors and texture. Dehydrated or freeze-dried meals, in comparison, will taste dramatically different from how they did when prepared. And, unlike those alternatives, an MRE does not require any additional preparation. The meal can be warmed and improved with hot water, but that is not mandatory at all. Overall, they are an improvement over traditional long-term meals, but with a shorter lifespan.

Should You Buy MREs?

Investing in civilian MREs is a great idea. You can test the waters with a single box or buy a full year’s supply at once. Even if you never eat them, they are cheap, have a decent taste, and can save lives during an emergency. It’s a smart investment for anyone who likes to camp, hike, or who likes to be prepared for the worst.

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