How Do MREs Taste?

MRE stands for Meals Ready to Eat, and these meals are what you want to have on hand in case an emergency strikes. MREs were designed for soldiers and they have a long shelf life and are resistant to insects, heat, and will float if they are submerged. MRE...

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The Process On How MREs Are Made

MRE, which stands for “Meal, Ready-To-Eat”, are meals that come in plastic pouches known as retort packaging. But how MREs are made? This package is made up of plastic and aluminum foil that has been layered together. These MRE pouches contain standard...

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Should You Be Prepping with MREs?

There are many options for those who want to be prepared for difficult times. In most cases, however, it requires getting ready in advance so that you are not caught unawares. This could include stockpiling everything from water to medical supplies but...

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Are The MREs Good To Use For Backpacking?

Outdoor recreational activities are defined as pursuits of enjoyment or leisure in the way of taking part in the activities that are set in semi-natural or natural environments typically outside of city boundaries. Backpacking has become a very popular out...

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Are MREs Good For Your Camping Trip?

The frequency of climate-related natural disasters has been steadily increasing across the globe. In fact, the world is seeing a new breed of natural disasters that occur more frequently than in the past and last longer. You cannot be unprepared for these...

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Global Warming

The United States government tells us that there is no clear proof that global warming is taking place and that the issue requires more study. President Bush has refused to endorse the Kyoto Treaty saying that compliance would "cost us billions". While...

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Earthquake Preparedness Tips

There is no way you can know ahead of time when an earthquake will occur. After an earthquake takes place, your house might turn into a serious hazard unless you take the necessary steps for getting it prepared right now - electric lines, broken utility...

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What Is Preparedness?

A famous tale from Aesop's Fables relates the story of the grasshopper and the ant. It is summertime and the ant is working hard collecting and storing supplies. The grasshopper on the other hand is enjoying the hot days and playing and asks the ant to...

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Buy MRE Meals to Prepare for Tornado Season

Are you ready for tornado season? Tornadoes are becoming more prevalent every year. There are many predictions on why there are more and more every year. Whatever the reason you should have the knowledge of when and where to seek shelter if you are caught in an...

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