MRE stands for Meals Ready to Eat, and these meals are what you want to have on hand in case an emergency strikes. MREs were designed for soldiers and they have a long shelf life and are resistant to insects, heat, and will float if they are submerged. MRE meals are now available for anyone to purchase and they will keep you alive if you can’t cook or get to a store because there was a disaster. Read on to learn more about MRE meals and what they actually taste like.

MREs are complete meals and you don’t need anything to prepare them. They are nutritionally complete and contain all the calories you need to keep you going. Having a supply of food on hand in case there is an emergency can keep you alive and ensure you have something to feed your family. You won’t have to venture outside to try to find food.

Most experts recommend that you have enough food to last your family for a week in an emergency. Having a week’s worth of food is going to help you get through your emergency and you will have what you need to feed your family. Since MRE meals are lightweight and portable you can also take them with you if you have to suddenly evacuate. They won’t spoil in the heat and you can even leave some of them in your car year-round without having them go bad.

An MRE meal is going to have a shelf life of three or five years which is going to keep you going for a long time. The meals will provide you with the energy you need to stay alive and they taste great. The meals include a flameless heater so you can have a hot meal under any circumstance. You just need water to activate the heater.

MRE meals are superior to freeze-dried food because they are ready to eat and they taste great. You can choose from a huge variety of flavors like chili, barbeque beef, chicken and noodles, beef tacos, spaghetti, stew and more. There are vegetarian entrees like spinach fettuccine and cheese tortellini.

Each MRE meal contains a drink, a dessert, two snacks and a side dish. You also get utensils and condiments. You even get napkins and a wet wipe. The meals are a complete experience and they taste fresh and delicious. When you are buying your MRE meals, make sure that you buy them from the manufacturer such us. The price is likely to be higher but you will know that you are getting the real deal.

If you buy the meals from a third party, you aren’t really going to know how old the meals are and you could end up with meals that have a shorter shelf life. The last thing you want is to open up your MRE and discover that it isn’t good anymore. It is important to keep your meals in a cool and dry environment if you want to get the most shelf life out of them. Keeping them in a dark closet is a good idea.

The taste of each entree is going to vary, but people who have eaten the meals say they have a taste that is almost homemade. The chili and the beef stew selections get some of the highest ratings and they have a rich and meaty flavor that is going to keep you satisfied and full. The meals with the lowest ratings are the pork patty and hamburger entrees.

When it comes to the bread, most people agree that all of them taste great except for the tortillas which can taste gummy. The rice doesn’t get high marks either and taste testers report that it has a gelatinous texture. The other bread products get good reviews with the crackers and cornbread being the top choices.

The drinks also get mixed reviews. The milkshakes get high reviews while the lemonade reportedly tastes like sour chalk. MRE meals contain up to three drinks, so you have plenty of choices in case you don’t like one of them. The snacks are customer favorites and the corn nuts and chocolate chip cookies won the taste tests.

The heaters with the MRE meals are a surprise bonus because they not only heat the meals, but they can also keep you warm if you place them in your clothes. They stay hot for a while, so if you are cold, you can heat your meal and then warm yourself. You don’t have to use drinking water to activate the heater either, any type of water will do. MRE meals pass the taste test and they are fun to eat. They can save your life in an emergency and will keep your family fed until you have access to food.

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