Eversafe 3 Month MRE Supply

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Eversafe 3 Month MRE Supply

Up to 3 years self-life | No Cooking Required | Made in USA

Thanks to the fact that they don’t require cooking and that you can eat them straight out of the package, Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) are perfect for emergency or survival situations. This selection includes enough meals for 3 months. Each meal comes with a flameless heater as well as accessories such as utensils, a moist towelette, and seasonings. Along with the main course, there are also side dishes. Activating the flameless heater couldn’t be easier. All that you have to do is add a small amount of water, which you can find inside the package. Once the device is activated, it heats up to approximately 100°, warming the food to the perfect temperature in the process.

MREs by Eversafe are designed with nutrition in mind. Usually, they contain anywhere between about 1,000 and 1,250 calories per meal. Each package contains the main dish, which is the primary source of protein. In most cases, the protein is provided by meat such as chicken. The included side dish usually is made up of peanut butter and crackers with jelly. If you are performing difficult work or if it is hot outside, sweating can cause you to lose key electrolytes. In every kit, there is a powdered beverage mix that is designed to help you replace those lost vitamins and electrolytes.

One of the best parts about the flameless heater is that it eliminates the need to light a fire to heat up your food. Thanks to the included condiments, you can season your food perfectly, depending on your tastes. The utensils that you can find in the package also make the meals easy to eat.

We get our meals from the same company that provides MREs to the US military. Because of that, you can rest easy, knowing that the quality of the meals is extremely high. As long as they are stored correctly, our MREs last a minimum of three years. In a lot of cases, they last even longer than that.

Eversafe was chosen to supply meals to many organizations for a good reason – not only are the meals themselves the best quality available but the company provides both consistency and reliability.

* Easy to Store
The way that the MRE packages are designed makes them easy to store. They also will last for a long time, meaning that you don’t have to worry about them spoiling.

* Simple To Prepare
With MREs, you have the option of eating them straight out of the package or heating them up using the flameless heater. This provides a lot of versatility in terms of how you can enjoy the meals.

* Long-Lasting
With the average shelf life of Eversafe’s meals coming in at three years or longer, they are some of the longest-lasting MREs currently available.

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Weight204 lbs


Eversafe 3-Month Supply

Packing and Packaging: 12 cases in order, 144 meals, 12 Meals in a Case, 6 different menus per case
Calories per meal: 1,000 to 1,250 Cal
Calories per Order: 144,000 to 180,000 Cal
Shelf Life: 36 months at 80F degrees from date of pack
Menu Components: Final menus may vary depending on product availability and what Wornick Foods is manufacturing, contact us for more information
Each meal includes: 1-Entrée,
1-Snack/spread, 1-Dining packet,
1- Flameless Heater, 1- Waterproof outer, 
1-Nutritional Insert
Dimensions: 16.00 x 9.00 x 11.00 in per Case
Weight: 204 lb.

Our EverSafe MRE 3 month supply of 12 cases will provide the necessary nutrients and caloric value for 90 days for one person and can be eaten at any place, at any time.

All components are fully cooked and can be eaten hot or cold. Each Eversafe MRE Meal has an average of 1,000-1,250 calories, which replicates the calorie count of a complete meal. There is no need to add water to an MRE. Simply open the pouch and enjoy!


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