When you are looking at the MREs, you may notice that they all contain a piece of gum. However, one thing that you will want to know is more about why these are going to have gum inside of them, and that is generally going to be a little bit more in the way of questions than what you would think. This is when you should know more about why the MREs have gum inside of them.

Gum Promotes Chewing

This is one that is very obvious, and that is the fact that the gum is going to promote chewing. While you may not think about this right away, when you are chewing it is going to work out your jaw muscles, which is a good thing. However, at the same time, this is going to promote the production of saliva as well. This will help in keeping the mouth moist, and it will keep your mouth from getting dry. So this is definitely going to allow you to have a great feel for the product that you are using and know it will work for your needs.

Helps Freshen Your Breath

This is something that is more of an afterthought, but when you are chewing gum, it is going to help remove a lot of the staleness that is in your mouth. This could be anything from the staleness of the food that you just ate, or it could be from the bland quality of the food you have eaten. However, the gum in most cases will allow you to have a great breath that is going to have a chance to give you something other than just the bland taste inside of your mouth that could easily drive you crazy.

Depending On Gum May Have Caffeine

We all know that caffeine is a great way to stay awake and often when you wake up the first thing that you do in the morning is go and grab a cup of coffee or tea. However, what you need to realize is this is not always possible for the soldiers on the front lines. Since this may not always be possible the soldiers have a tendency to get the gum inside of the MRE that is going to have some caffeine inside of it. This will allow them to get the caffeine jolt they need to have to stay awake and alert.

When they are getting the caffeine, it is not in all the gum that is in the MRE. However, it is in some of the MRE and will provide a high concentration of caffeine that has been shown to help in keeping people awake and alert. This is going to help the soldiers out quite a bit in being ready to go into combat or having to stand on their duty station that they were assigned to or the night.

Contains Xylitol

A common myth about the gum is that it will contain a laxative inside of the gum. While you may think this is true because so many people have to use the restroom after eating and chewing the gum, it is not always the case. What is the fact here with the gum is it does contain a chemical that is called Xylitol. This is a chemical that has been shown to have a very minor laxative type of effect on people. So this could be the way that people are starting to get the feeling that the gum is meant to make you use the restroom.

While the gum in the MRE does have this chemical inside of it, that is not the reason why it is inside of it. That chemical is actually commonly found in almost any gum that you would be chewing. So you will want to be aware of this because it can make a difference in how you are going to chew the gum that you are using on a daily basis on your own.

Being able to get an MRE is a good thing. However, when you look up and see a piece of gum inside of it, you will find that it can be challenging to find the reasons why this would be contained inside of the gum. Once you know about the fact that this gum is meant to help promote chewing, salivation, helps with energy, and in some cases a mild laxative you will see that it is a great thing to have. Then you will not feel bad about having the gum inside of the MRE that you are going to be eating and know it does have a purpose to serve.

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